Being Women Today

Being women today means having choices, it means being able to shape our destiny, it means being “change-makers.” Women are in the workplace, in the parliament and in space. Women are doing all that a man can do and then some.

And yet… women are unhappy, unfulfilled and often confused. We want to be independent, yet we realize that we need to be protected. We want equal pay, and yet we want special privileges when we are pregnant. We want to have relationships without commitment, and yet feel cheated when the men walk away.

We are told that we are nearly there – if only the men would pitch in with the housework, if only companies would make provisions for women’s special needs, if only governments would support quality childcare. Then women will truly be equal to men. Free to pursue our careers, our interests, without being shackled with the burden of managing the house and the family.

But what if we got it all wrong? What if we achieve the feminist utopia and realize that its not what we want? What if the key to finding happiness lies not in making complicated material adjustments but in fact in returning to a simpler, more authentic way of life?

If you are ready to challenge the conventional meaning of being women today, join me on my journey as I navigate the modern world armed with ancient wisdom, commonsense and lots of optimism.


  • sangeeta das
    September 12, 2020, 6:43 am  Reply

    This definitely shows the will power and capabilities of women as consider minor in today’s day…

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