Raising Our Children with the Principle of ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’

A few days back when my husband was returning from the temple after maṅgala-ārati,he saw a little boy, perhaps four or five years old, walking around down the path leading

Happy Mother’s Day: Choose Life.

Happy Mothers Day: Choose Life. On Mother’s Day I could very well write a cheery article about the joys of being a mother, or about the important role that mothers

The ‘cost’ of earning a second income

The ‘cost’ of earning a second income In the eternal debate between the housewives and working women, many women contend that they have no choice but to work since it

Coronavirus and Feminism

Coronavirus and Feminism With the spread of coronavirus throughout the world, several countries are in a state of lockdown: “Stay home, stay safe.” It’s frightening to watch the steadily growing

Being Women Today

Being Women Today Being women today means having choices, it means being able to shape our destiny, it means being “change-makers.” Women are in the workplace, in the parliament and