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Happy Mother’s Day: Choose Life.
Indira Meshram | 10 May

Happy Mothers Day: Choose Life. On Mother’s Day I could very well write a cheery article about the joys of being a mother, or about the important role that mothers play in a child’s life, or even about all the fun things that Mums can do with their children to make this day special. But instead I have elected to talk about the grave responsibility that women have when they

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The ‘cost’ of earning a second income
Indira Meshram | 20 April

The ‘cost’ of earning a second income In the eternal debate between the housewives and working women, many women contend that they have no choice but to work since it is not possible to live comfortably on a single income. While this may certainly be true for those in a lower economic class – women whose husbands have simple jobs like being a cashier or parking attendant – or single

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Coronavirus and Feminism
Indira Meshram | 18 April

Coronavirus and Feminism With the spread of coronavirus throughout the world, several countries are in a state of lockdown: “Stay home, stay safe.” It’s frightening to watch the steadily growing number of people effected by the virus. This is a time when we need supportive family and friends the most, to keep perspective and not become completely paranoid. Several people are coming forward to express that current situation has allowed

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Today women have far more opportunities than their grandmothers could even imagine—they can be CEOs, astronauts, and heads of states. Yes, research shows that modern women are unhappier than ever. Through an analysis of ancient scriptures and contemporary literature, this book offers a solution. It provokes women to consider an unconventional paradigm shift to achieve the fulfillment that’s eluding them.


Indira Meshram, a computer engineer by profession and housewife by choice, has been on both sides of the fence. An Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, she holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and her research has been published in International academic journals. She worked for large corporations before deciding to quit her full-time job to pursue her dream of being truly fulfilled. An avid traveler, she has visited more than forty countries, which helped her gain an appreciation for both Western and Oriental culture. She is an initiated member of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. She lives with her husband, and two daughters in a community founded on the principle of simple living and high thinking and spends her time teaching, writing and baking.